Snake Removal Reader Questions Via Email

Dear David, My name is Theresa and I live in Yonkers. I am writing to you because I desperately need your help!!! My husband and I have a humble home that is very well kept. We take pride in keeping it neat and clean paying close attention to the grass and flowers on our property. However right smack next to our property is a vacant lot that is terribly neglected by the owners. The only thing separating this property from mine is a partial 5 foot concrete wall. Through the years I have complained to my local building department, the board of health and the list goes on and on Needless to say they have done nothing???.The yard next to mine is rather large and so overgrown with weeds that at one point the mice were so unbearable that I wouldn't let my children play in their own back yard. Then came the rats God they were terrible!! Part of this property faces a local high traffic area and people think they can dump anything they want on it not realizing my house is behind it. This includes all kinds of garbage , left over fast food, baby diapers, etc. etc. Just when I thought we had it all under control THE SNAKES APPEARED. At first it was 2 or 3 small ones mostly hanging around It was black with a yellow or white stripe going down its back. Now its at least 3 a day that We see. This makes my skin crawl. I am worried for my kids and the dog. I have a beautiful yard that we can't enjoy. I've invested plenty of money on weed killer for someone else's yard. Mowed around it trying to keep it neat but now I've had it. And snakes ain't my thing!!!! Please help. I'm fearful for my family and don't know if they are harmful or how to get rid of them. It's like their moving in. Luckily they are not in my house YET !!! I've contacted my local building department again as well as my councilmen's office but waiting for an email response is going to get me no where. The clock is ticking and the snakes are accumulating rapidly. I am not going to pay another dime towards the clean up of this yard that doesn't belong to me if you could understand that? Any advice or help you can offer me would be greatly appreciated Thank You - Theresa

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