Snakes in the walls - how to find and remove them

A snake in your home is never something that anyone wants, in less they have one of these reptiles in a cage as a pet. These can be dangerous animals if they are a venomous kind of snake but even if they are not they still can pose a threat to your home. They can bite your pet, thus causing infection or illness, and can even have the same effect on your children. In addition, these are nuisance animals that you surely do not want in your home.

In many cases finding a snake in a room like a closet or in the attic can be a fairly simple task, but when the snake is in your walls this is an entirely different story. Just finding the snake can be a daunting task and may seem like it is impossible to do. That is not true if you are smart and detail oriented about it.

Where you want to begin is by seeing if you can determine a general location where the snake is located. This is best accomplished by looking for an area where it could gain access into your home. While the snake may be living in the walls of your house, it is likely that it is going outside your home to hunt. This means you need to find cracks in your siding, holes in the wall, or loose boards that would make for the perfect entryway for the snake to gain access to your house. You can be sure that if this is found that the snake will not be found very far away from this location.

To get the snake out, the simplest thing to do would be to add a one-way exclusion funnel to that location. What this tells you is that you should not close up the entryway, at least at first. What you want to do is to buy one of these funnels in place it over the entryway you found. Eventually, the snake will get out through the funnel and will not be able to regain access into your home. This resolves your problem.

However, when you cannot find a place like this then your task is going to become a little more difficult. What you want to do is to make sure that the house is as quiet as possible during the early morning or late afternoon hours, when the snake is most likely to be at its most active state. Simply listen to find if you can hear any sounds that the snake is making while it is moving around.

The truth of the matter is that the snake will create some ruckus as it is shifting around in your walls. If you are quiet about this you can hear the sounds that is making.

Some try to enhance their ability to find the snake by purchasing devices which enhance the sounds of things around them. These devices can be purchased for a relatively low price and can be instrumental in finding where the snake is located. You should hear some kind of sounds that it is making and this will allow you to know where in the wall that it is found.

Once you have located this, the next step would be to use your one-way exclusion funnel. Cut a small hole in the wall where you have located the snake in place the exclusion funnel directly over that opening as quickly as possible. To ensure the snake does not get into your home, place a trap or secure bag over the funnel so that when the snake crawls into it you simply close the bag or trap and get rid of the snake.

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