Do snakes lay eggs or give live birth?

The manner in which animals give birth in nature is quite different depending upon the kind of animal and species that you are talking about. Many give live births where the pup or young is virtually helpless and in need of a great deal of protection from the parents or parent to be able to survive. It cannot care for itself, hunt, or even see in some cases.

There are some instances where the young from an animal come out developed enough so that it can perform many of the different needs that are essential for it to be able to continue its life cycle. Animals such as these have babies that are able to hunt and eat on their own, protect themselves, and even find shelter shortly after being born. While there are not a vast number of species like this, they still do represent a rather sizable number of animals on the planet.

Still, there is a third type that lays eggs where the young have to undergo an extended gestation. Before they are even born. This happens to be the pathway that the snakes follow in their own reproductive and birth cycle.

The Snake Eggs

After conception has occurred, where the sperm of the male snake has impregnated the female snake’s eggs, the female snake will lay her eggs in a nest of her own making. Until the baby snakes are born, which can take anywhere from a few days to over a month period of time, the mother will protect that group of eggs and tell the birth has actually occurred.

There can be anywhere from 4 to 12 eggs that are usually laid during this time. The mother will safeguard those eggs, ensuring that they stay warm during the time that the baby snakes are inside the egg itself.

No matter what species of snake you are talking about, the mother snake will be incredibly protective of her eggs during this time. She will ensure that no predators come close to the eggs to try to take them away from her.

As an interesting note, many other animals find snake eggs to be the perfect meal or delicacy for them to be able to enjoy. This means that if they can get to the eggs they will most assuredly do so to get the meal they are looking for.

This is why the mother has to be so protective. She is instinctually aware that there are many other animals out there that would see her eggs as the perfect meal. Therefore, she must do all that she can to keep these animals away so that they have no opportunity to take her eggs.

It should be noted that the mother will not view one egg is more important to the other. What this means is that she would rarely, if ever, be willing to sacrifice one egg to save the others. Each one is instinctually seen by her as important and valuable, and she will do whatever is necessary to keep all of her young as safe as possible.

After they are born, she will fend and care for the young and tell they are weaned and ready to care for themselves. In many species of snake, this can last just a few days period of time until the babies are ready to care for themselves.

Snakes will only lay eggs once a year, so the birthing process is not particularly taxing on the mother because of the fact that she only has to undergo this process one time each year. A true blessing for her.

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