Do snakes come out in the rain?

Rain is welcomed by many animals, and this includes the snake population. The snakes like humid weather and overcast skies, especially after storms. The rain is known to bring the snakes out since they will be chasing after frogs. As the snakes relocate with their young ones, the number of snakes may increase in the area.

During the rain, you should be careful of when and where you let your pets play. The snakes may be in backyards and bushes. Snake bites could lead to bleeding disorders and severe swelling and sometimes even death.

As the rain is much needed for life, it is also the same for the snakes that go out to look for food and the sun. When the rainwater fills into the ground, then the snakes are forced to come out. The combination of the warm weather, rain and clouds makes the snake more active.

Snakes like to eat amphibians, rats and mice, and since they come out mostly after the rain, then the snake will come out also. The snake food sources may be near storage buildings, garages, decks, pools and houses, so these are the places to be careful around during the rainy season. After eating, the snake likes to bask in places like driveways, walkways and rocks where they can enjoy a big meal that helps with their digestion. Different landscaped yards offer fabulous hiding spots for breeding and eating situations, and they offer a good place for the snake survival.

When you see a snake, you should not run but just walk. Just take two steps backward and then turn around and leave the snake on alone. You can contact a wildlife removal company to come take the snake away. During the rain, keep bushes and shrubs clear so that you can be able to see around them. Keep debris away from the home and cut low limbs on trees. Do not leave a stump of a tree to rot after cutting it. Seal off the space under A/C units and landscaping rocks. If you are bitten by a venomous snake, you should remove all constricting clothing, watches and jewelry. You should keep calm and keep the injured limb still. You should seek medical attention at once or go to a hospital that has experience in cleaning snakebites. You should not apply ice, cut out the fang marks, or use a tourniquet. When you are not aware of the type of snake that has bitten you, you should treat the bite as if it has been caused by a venomous snake.

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