Do snakes make good pets?

There are many exotic kinds of animals out there that people find that make the perfect pet for them. You will frequently hear stories about how people have turned lions, crocodiles, orangutans, and even bears into pets. In many cases the county or community where they live will force the person to remove the animal from their property out of a fear for the safety of those around the animal, but some find that these creatures make the ideal pet even if they can be rather dangerous.

While those animals are a little bit more exotic, there are many who find other kinds of animals and insects to make perfect pets for them. One such example is the tarantula. The vast majority of people are absolutely terrified by these grotesque looking creatures but, to some, the spiders are beautiful creatures that make the perfect pet. By adding insects to their cage the tarantulas survive and thrive, and people feel like they may a sensational pet for them, even if the spider terrifies their friends and family.

What about a Snake

Along the same vein as the tarantula is the idea of getting a snake as your pet. These have become quite popular pets for many people, often for the same reason that some love the idea of having a tarantula. That may be ugly to some, but are beautiful creatures to others.

However, this begs the question of whether snakes make good pets or not? While they may be fantastic examples of the reptile kingdom, that does not necessarily mean that they can be ideal pets for you to have in your home. Especially those that are of the venomous type.

First of all, consider that those who are keeping a snake usually do so in some kind of glass container. Because of the way that glass is made, snakes are unable to hold themselves against the glass to try to get out. Even if they should be able to use their muscles to push up towards the top of the container, a well secured lid keeps the creature from getting out. Thus, they pose no risk as long as they are in their cage.

In addition, the snake can be quite easy to care for. You not only have the fact that they are very easy to clean, but they actually provide their own kind of cleaning so you don’t have any work to do it all. When a snake is getting larger it sheds its skin, leaving the outer layer behind. However, the snake will eat this on its own so you don’t have to clean that up in all.

To feed a snake, all you need are some small insects like crickets or other kinds of bugs. Even if you are talking about a venomous kind of snake, this diet is sufficient to be able to satisfy the nutritional needs of your reptile. Best yet, they leave none of the food behind so you have no cleanup. They devour it all.

To make sure that the lifecycle of the snake is upheld, all you need in addition to the cage is a warming light. A heat lamp is ideal for this, because it gives the snake the necessary warmth that it needs to be able to carry on its daily activities, while also being able to maintain the proper amount of body heat.

As you can see, there really isn’t a lot that needs to be done to care for a snake. Even if you have a venomous kind as long as you are careful you can have one of the snakes and enjoy it as a great pet.

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