Will a high pitch sound machine repel snakes?

Snakes are animals that lots of people do not like to have around their home. Many of these reptiles can be venomous and the other ones simply give people the willies. This makes it so that they want to do all that they can to try to keep the snakes away from their home.

While there are many options out there that a person can try, the use of repellants and poisons are one that many like to avoid. The reason behind this is these products can have an adverse effect on much more than just the snakes. It can damage the soil around the area where you put the products and this can kill your lawn, garden, or other vegetation that you have. This simply doesn’t make sense at all.

While these remedies are still used by a large number of people the truth is that we live in a high tech world and so many want to find high tech options that help them in defeating the snakes and keeping them off of their property. This only makes sense.

The idea that has come into vogue is to use a machine that provides a high pitch sound to keep the snakes away. This sounds like a great idea that has had an effect in keeping other animals away, so it would seem that this would work well for snakes as well. So will a high pitch sound deter snakes and keep them away from your property?

The Truth about the Sound Wave

The idea behind this machine really seems like it makes sense. There are many animals that have a very strong auditory sense and so a high pitch sense can be very effective. The sound is sent out, which irritates the senses of the animal and they have to try to get away from it.

While this may work quite well with a rat or other rodent, the effect on the snake is simply not the same. First of all, the snake has a strong sense of hearing but not like many animals. It’s most dominant sense is its sense of touch. This is why it can sense the slightest movement anywhere around it and is able to jump on a potential prey before the other animal knows what is going on.

This is why a snake is so deadly. The sensors on its skin are so acute that the slightest movement will draw a response by the sensors and let the snake know exactly where the animal it is pursuing is at.

So will the high pitch sound do anything to the snake? The answer is no. Because the sense of hearing is not as acute in snakes the high pitched sound is really not going to have an effect at all. It may be irritating to it in some ways but the snake is not annoyed enough to be overwhelmed by the sound wave.

What many researchers have found is that the snake can move so quickly that it can get away from the sound wave rather easily. It quickly slithers to one side or another until it is out of the range of high pitch sound. The only real way to combat this is if you have a group of machines that are lined at a distance away from each other so that a whole line of area is covered, and that may not be cost effective or even possible.

You really have a lot better options out there that will help you to keep these reptiles away much better than this one.

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