How do snakes eat?

Snakes can't chew, so they swallow their food whole. They are carnivores, so they usually have to catch their food first. They usually kill their pray, by constriction or envenomation. But some snakes eat bugs, or eggs, and don't need to kill the food.

Snakes eat other animals and you will never hear about a vegetarian snake. Snakes are known as carnivorous reptiles. Larger snakes will eat larger animals while small ones will eat small animals. The smallest snakes eat insects and small invertebrates. The snakes will eat birds or rodents after killing them using venom or they may squeeze them to death using constricting coils. The largest snake is the green anaconda and it can eat larger animals such as a pig. Birds, especially those that are young and still in the nest, will also be targeted. The non-constricting and non-venomous snake will eat smaller prey like small rodents or insects which they are able to seize in their mouths and swallow. Some snakes will also eat other snakes. One example is the king cobra with other king snakes. They are called king since they will dominate and eat smaller snakes. The venom of the snakes contains hemotoxins, which are the enzymes that will break down the tissue of the victim and help in digesting what the snake has eaten. A snake does not have to eat as much as a mammal of its size since it is cold blooded and it will not require too much food to generate the right heat for their food.

The snake will need 10 percent of the same energy used by the mammal of the same size, which means that they will need a tenth of the food. The snakes will also drink water but also in a small quantity. Snakes are known to eat larger animals than their own size. They are able to do this because they are able to unhinge their jaws to permit the passage of larger objects. Digesting this meal will take the snake weeks and sometimes months. When the digestion finishes, the snake will vomit the bones and other parts that were not digested.

Snakes will eat using the same method. Since sometimes the snake may not eat a live animal, the snakes have developed the capacity of injecting venom in their prey in order to subdue it or kill it before it can eat it. The venom will also give the digestion process a kick-start. The snakes have the effective tool of injecting the venom into its victims by the use of their fangs. A boa constrictor will constrict the victim and kill it before it can try to eat it. It drops on the victim while its prehensile tail is attached on a tree.

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