Can snakes crawl up plumbing or toilets?

One of the things that people find quite amazing about the animal kingdom is that insects and other kinds of organisms will actually crawl their way up through the pipes in your bathroom, kitchen, or even through your toilet to gain access into your home. This seems absolutely crazy that they are able to accomplish this, but the fact is that these creatures can do such things as this.

Many are familiar with the fact that roaches and spiders are able to do this, plus some may have seen even such organisms as mice work their way through the pipes in your home and come up inside the property. It’s truly remarkable how determined these critters can be to gain access into your home, but it can be quite disheartening to you personally.

No one wants one of these critters coming up into your house. It’s one of the reasons why you probably have a drain over the top of the opening to not only keep objects, such as hair, from getting down into the pipe and causing it to clog, but also to keep small creatures from gaining access into your house.

While you may not like one of these kinds of creatures getting into your home, the truth is that they do not pose much of a health risk to you. However, you may wonder that if these creatures can have some success in getting in then what other ones that may be dangerous to you and also figure out a way to access your house through your plumbing. This may make you wonder if snakes can crawl up plumbing or toilets to get into your home?

So, Can a Snake Access Your Home Through the Plumbing?

You may not like to hear this, but the fact of the matter is that this is a means by which a snake can get into your home. Not just snakes, however. It has been found that frogs, rats, and other similar kinds of organisms have found the pipes leading into your home to be the ideal choice and means of transportation to be able to move from the outside and into your home.

The snake, though, is quite possibly the most troubling. While very few venomous or poisonous kinds of snakes will try to get into your house through the plumbing, primarily because they are too large in diameter to be able to do so, that does not mean that many other kinds of snakes will not be able to gain access.

Once they are in, they can use your pipes to allow them to move freely from one room to the next, even if water is draining down the pipe at some point. This means that if you are taking a shower that this will not be sufficient enough to flush the snake away from your house.

The last thing that you want is to be brushing your teeth one morning or to be jumping into the shower only to find a rather large reptile crawling its way into your tub or sink. To say that this would be terrifying could be the understatement of the year.

No one wants to see this kind of situation presented itself, and so there are special devices that you can purchase to put into your pipes that prevent these organisms from being able to gain access through your sink or toilet, while also not blocking the pipes themselves so that you wind up having a build up or stoppage. This will solve your problem and make you feel better to go into your bathroom or kitchen.

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