What should I do if I find a nest of snakes?

The snake is a creature that no one really likes to come in contact with. While there are those who love snakes and think that they are fantastic creatures common the majority of people get the willies when they come in contact with them and want these reptiles as far away from their home as possible.

It is not just the look of the snake that causes some to get the creeps. Some snakes are quite dangerous, not only because they are venomous but also because snakes can carry bacteria and other kinds of pathogens that can be dangerous if you, your family, or your pet comes in contact with them. Avoiding a snake and keeping it out of your home and off your property is a big priority for some because of this.

Ahhh, A Brood of Snakes

Having one snake on your property could be bad enough, but there are many instances where a person goes into their attic, shed, or garage, or looks under a pile of wood or a tarp in their yard and finds that there is a huge mess of snakes. Snakes are known to stay together in large numbers when it provides the right kind of protection in this can mean that you can quickly find a large number in your yard or in your house.

This can be terrifying for some, especially if it is a nest of large snakes. Even if they are not venomous, they can work together to make the life of you and your pets a very treacherous one. They can be scary and will do all that they can to keep you away, especially if there are baby snakes or eggs in that nest. You have to do all you can to get rid of that brood. So this begs the question what should you do if you find a nest of snakes?

What to Do

It starts with the first thing you should do in any situation the troubles you. That is to not panic. Don’t go screaming into your house that snakes are taking over the yard or the attic. Back away and take a moment to assess what to do.

If you find that the snakes you are confronted with are venomous in nature than your responses to do nothing personally. This is way too dangerous, and even if you think that you are some kind of great adventurer you are taking a risk that one or more of those snakes may bite you. This is truly a life or death situation and so you cannot risk this here.

If you find that there venomous snakes, then there are really only two options. You can either call your local animal control and see if they will remove them, which is quite often the case. Otherwise, you can contact an exterminator who specializes in capturing and removing these reptiles.

If it is a nonvenomous group of snakes then your options are a little bit different. If you want to simply move them, then you can get yourself a commercial trap that will lure the snake sent to them. Once they are captured you simply take them to another location to set them free.

You can also use means to simply try to scare them away. This can be done in a variety of ways, including spraying a large hose of water towards where the nest is at. Obviously, you can’t do this in your attic, but in most locations you can.

As a word of warning, keep in mind that if you simply try to disperse to snakes this can lead them to slither right toward your home.

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