What should I do with a snake after I catch it?

Maybe you have always thought of yourself as a little Crocodile hunter. You have seen wild animals around your house and thought to yourself that they don’t look too formidable and you could catch one.

One day, you find that there is a non-venomous snake that has found its way into your home and so you decide that you will catch it. You dawn some gloves to protect your hands from being bitten or getting bacteria on them and on the hunt you go to capture the reptile.

You have a solid plan in mind. You will use a broom to move it toward a corner where you will herd it into a little cloth sack that you have. Then you will have finished your amazing conquest.

You set out with your plan and, quite to your astonishment, in a matter of just 23 minutes you have captured the beast. You are feeling like a true adventurer who could do anything, but then a thought comes to you – what should you do with a snake after you have finally caught it? Boy is that a good question.

What to Do with a Snake You Have Caught

It is pretty impressive that you have captured the snake but figuring out what to do with it afterwards is a different kind of chore. Maybe your first thought is to let it go and see if you can have the same kind of success in capturing and again. However, after a few moments your sense of reasoning comes back and you decided that that would not only be ill advised but kind of a stupid idea.

You realize the best thing to do is to let it go outside somewhere, but where? You might have grown kind of attached to your newly captured friend and don’t want to just let it go where it might not survive well. However, the thought of having it in your home isn’t one that you really like either. There has to be a good solution.

What you should do is do a little research on your snake first. Find out what kind of snake it is, if you can, and what kind of habitat it needs to be in. The likelihood is that since it is around your home already it would probably do quite well somewhere out in the bushes or yard around your property. However, just to be safe take a look to make sure.

Once you have figured out what is the ideal habitat for it to be in, then simply take it to that location, set your bag down, and let the snake figure out how to get out on its own. As a word of warning, never open the bag and try to pull it back out. Just to be safe let the snake find its own way back out of the wilderness.

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What you will find once you release it into its natural environment is that it will have the kind of resources that it needs to be able to survive. Whether you are talking about food, shelter, or lack of predators, you will quickly discover that the snake will have all it needs to be able to do well here and to not be subject to starvation or attack from predators looking to harm it.

You want to be a true adventurer who captures the dangerous snake and returns it to the environment. Now you have accomplished this in your own home. Maybe you won’t have your own television show, but you can feel like a star for helping this little reptile.

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