Is it legal for me to catch a venomous snake?

There are a lot of very crazy laws out there that are on the books. Often, these relate to how you can care for or remove wild animals that are found on your property. For example, in many states it is illegal for you to capture or kill a bat because these have become threatened animals. It may seem crazy that such a hideous and even dangerous animal would be protected in this way, but because of the threat to the species in general, many states have taken the precaution of ensuring the survival of these flying mammals.

The list of odd laws does not limit itself to bats, and it is important that you do some research before tackling any kind of animal, either by deciding to capture it or to kill it. For example, many wonder if it is legal for them to catch a venomous snake? The answer, sadly, is not as simple as you would like it to be.

Venomous snakes come in many different kinds of species. There are many that you are quite familiar with, such as the rattlesnake or the copperhead, but there are also water bound snakes that are dangerous as well, such as the water moccasin. These can be quite deadly to anyone or anything that is bitten by them, including yourself, your family members, and your pets. All of them risk being harmed, maybe even killed, by being bitten by one of the snakes, and this is why so many seek to keep them off of their property.

The problem is that taking any kind of action to remove these reptiles from your property may get you in trouble with law enforcement officials. As crazy as it may seem that you cannot trap or kill a venomous snake on your property, the reality is that in some areas of the country this can be illegal.

For example, in Georgia it is illegal for you to capture water moccasins that are native to the state. This can result in a rather large fine. Oddly enough, it is not a legal if you were to capture water moccasins in the state that were not native to Georgia. This is considered completely legal.

In the state of Maryland, some venomous snakes are protected because they are on the endangered species list. This includes both the northern copperhead and the timber rattlesnake, both of which are facing almost certain extinction if they are not protected by state and federal officials.

Many of you will read this article and think to yourself that it seems absolutely crazy that animals that pose such a severe risk to human beings would be protected by the very creatures home they threaten. However, this is exactly what happens.

In many states throughout the country snakes are finding themselves on an ever increasing list of endangered animals threatened by human intervention and hunting. To protect these animals rather severe steps have been taking to ensure that their continued success on the planet is maintained by making it illegal for people to catch or harm the reptiles in any way.

If you have an issue with a venomous snake on your property than the most sensible thing to do is to consult your local animal control agency to find if that snake is on some kind of protected list. If it is, then you are likely to find that they will come out and capture the animal for you, thus removing it from your property. They want to ensure its survival and moving it may do just that.

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