How to find and remove a snake in your attic

No one wants to find out that they have a snake in their home. While these are relatively harmless reptiles for the most part, they still give the vast majority of people are rather creepy feeling whenever they see them.

The problem is that if a snake has gotten into your house, especially within your attic, you may be completely unaware that it is there. Most people don’t spend a significant amount of time in their attic, usually only using it for storage, so a snake can live there in relative anonymity without fear of being discovered or removed.

However, once you have found that there is a snake that is living in your attic your task does not become easier. The truth is that finding and capturing one of these creatures can be difficult especially if you have a lot of items in the attic area where it can hide. It truly is a challenge.

Finding the Snake in the Attic

The first step is to discover where the snake is located at. Prior to beginning your search it is important to do two things. First, you must be sure that the kind of snake you are looking for is not venomous. If you have seen it then make sure you perform a search online to make sure you are not facing a snake that could be quite dangerous to you. The last thing you want to do is lift up a box and have the snake lash out at you, biting you and potentially endangering you.

You also want to try to protect every part of your skin. Where boots, gloves, clothing that covers as much of your skin as possible, goggles, and even a surgical mask. This ensures that if you are facing a snake that can be dangerous to you that your skin is protected and can keep you from being bitten. Be smart about this before doing any kind of search.

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Once you have properly attired yourself your next step is to look around the attic area. If you can, move boxes or other items using a stick so that you do not have to come in direct contact with them. This also keeps you from risking being bitten.

Start a very methodical search working from one area in the attic and branching out. Once you have discovered the snake then stop your search immediately.

How to Get Rid of the Snake

Now comes the steps to try to get rid of this reptile. What you will need is a box or bag that you can use to capture the snake in. Using your stick you want to direct the snake towards the boxer bag until you are able to get inside. This sounds like it can be a very daunting task, but the reality is that you can have great success doing this if you are quite methodical about.

Put the box or bag in the corner of the room and make sure that they are open. Slowly start to direct the snake using your stick until it is near the entryway to your contraption. After you get it inside you simply close it up and you are all set.

If you find that the snake escapes from your direction, then withdraw yourself back and start again. Patience is a key here, which will allow you to successfully get the snake out of your home. So, if you do not succeed in your first attempt, don’t get disheartened quit. Slowly work at it until you are successfully able to get the snake into the box or bag. Seal The House You don't want any snakes to get back in again, right? Find out how the snake got in! Many species can climb - read about Can snakes climb stairs or a wall? - so find the open holes in your house, either at ground level or near the roof, where the snake was able to gain access. Seal the holes shut. Snakes can't chew, so you can even use cheap materials like caulk or sealant foam to seal the holes.

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