How To Remove A Snake In A Swimming Pool

Most of the time, you can get the snake out of the pool safely with your pool's debris skimmer. Of course, if you know the snake is venomous, use extreme caution. Also, if the snake is very large, the skimmer may not be adequate. In this case, you might have to use a larger net, or professional snake tongs or hook. You might also want to call a professional. If the snake is in the debris filter and is small and harmless, you can remove it by hand, or with gloves, or just lift the filter basket.

The above advice is all you really need to know. If you want to hire help, visit the Hire a Pro page for help. The following advice is mostly nonsense:

Certain snakes are known to be attracted to water, and if you have a swimming pool in your backyard, this could be bad news for you. Discovering a snake swimming in your pool is some homeowners’ worst nightmare. It is important to be calm and not to panic. There are certain steps you will have to take to remove the snake from your pool so that you can enjoy your pool in peace again. This can be a very intimidating process, but with the right tools and a little bravery, you will be able to successfully and safely remove the snake.

Here are some ways to remove a snake from the pool.
One option is to drain the water in the pool. Once the pool is dry, do some or all of the following:

Sprinkle salt
To use this method, sprinkle salt around the area that a snake might pass through. If you have a persistent snake problem, you may want to use salt all around the perimeter of the pool. The salt has the result of making the snake go limp.

Buy snake repellent
You can buy snake repellent in the pet store or other stores, usually in the form of a pill sown in the area crossed by a snake. When the pill is eaten by the snake, itcould get weak and dizzy, and it could even die.

Call a snake charmer or firefighter
If you have a phobia of snakes, the best option is to call people who are experts in catching snakes, commonly called snake charmers. You can also call firefighters and they may be able to help you. Trusting the job to the professional handlers will prevent you from getting bit or injured in any way. Removing a snake from a pool is something that most homeowners hope they will never have to do. However, since many snakes are attracted to water and are known to find their way into pools, it may be an unavoidable task. There are ways to make your pool less attractive to snakes, and this is a great idea if snakes are known to be prevalent in your area. If you do have a snake in your pool and are too scared or unsure to take the suggestions mentioned above, you can call a professional to remove the snake for you.

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