Plants that keep snakes away

A snake around your home can be a real nuisance. It is not just the fact that these creatures can get inside your house or wreak havoc with your pets, but they are also animals are some of the species are venomous and pose a health risk to you, your family, and your pets.

To resolve the problem most look for a method to try to deter a snake from coming to their home. They try such things as repellents, both homemade and commercial, which they hope will do the job keeping the snakes away. Some of these are quite successful, but people are always on the lookout for an additional remedy, especially one that doesn’t cost them much money to be able to implement.

One of the hot topics that you will see out there that is being discussed is the use of plants to try to deter snakes from coming around your house. There is some literature on the web that discusses what kinds of plants will successfully keep the reptile away, and which ones you are really wasting your time with. So, the question becomes what plants keep snakes away?

The Honest Truth

If you are looking for a straight answer than the truth is that there are none that really have this effect. Snakes are not deterred by plants, no matter the smell, chemical composition, or if thorns are present. They simply don’t fear plants as you may have been told.

This is some discouraging news, and there are some who will still insist that this method will work. They will show you research and helpful websites that declare that this absolutely works. Once again, it’s a nice idea but there is no scientific basis that actually proves this to be true.

Subtraction by Omission

If you are looking for methods to keep a snake away without having to really purchase anything to be able to accomplish this, then there are some things that you can do that are extremely simple and should give you better kinds of results in your exclusion of these reptiles. The best part about them is that it doesn’t take much to be successful.

Where you can begin is by simply removing areas in your yard where a snake would find the perfect refuge. This can often be found in such things as a big pile of leaves, branches or wood piles that are stacked up near your home, or a piece of tarp that is just laying in your yard. All of these things pose a very welcoming message to a snake that he or she is welcome to hide in your yard. If you clean these areas you will quickly find that snakes will find another location to reside, simply because they need a spot that allows them to have some seclusion.

You also want to look for spots where the snake may get some kind of food in your yard. One of the most common opportunities is if you have a bird that has created a nest where it has laid eggs. Eggs are an incredible meal for a snake and if they know that they are present within your yard they are going to continue to come to get that meal.

You may not like the idea of removing a bird’s nest full of eggs but if you leave these there you can be sure that your snake problem is not going to end. You might have to do the sensible yet unappealing thing and move this nest to another location hoping that you don’t contaminate the eggs in some way.

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