Black Snakes in the Garage

A black snake in the garage is like a Black Racer anywhere in the south, and a Black Rat Snake anywhere in the north.

Snakes sometimes accidentally get into the garage because they find a gap at the corner of the garage door. They move along edges, and when they find a small opening, they may go inside to investigate. The problem is that in nature, most holes are small, but a garage is big, and once inside the garage, the snake may get stuck, and unable to find its way out.

The best way to get it out is to simply open the garage door and wait. You can also attempt to sweep it out with a broom. If these things don't work, you may want to buy a Snake Trap or you can Hire a Pro to remove it for you.

If you find a snake skin in the garage, it doesn't necessarily mean a snake is still there. It may have left by now. But it's often hard to be sure, because they can hide so well. For more information, go to my Snake Removal - How to Get Rid of Snakes home page.

I was searching online for help in identifying the snakes we are finding in our garage and mulch beds and possibly professional removal and came across your site. I recently moved into a new construction home two months ago and already have had about 6 encounters with these snakes. I believe possibly three encounters may have been the same exact snake. The others were completely different color and size. The one that KEEPS on getting into our garage, I've attached photos of (taken today!) It keeps coming in through the very small gap under the garage door and lingers in that one corner. We also found a large snake skin that was shed and left on the steps leading into the house from the garage (scary!) This snake appears to be about 2.5-3ft long and a rusty/brownish tone with spots. I didn't see any rattle on it's tail as it appears smooth to the end. It is skinny so I am not sure if it's a baby or not but it certainly is pretty long. I am not sure if you can make out what kind it may be from my photos, but hopefully you can. It gets away every time we pursue it by slithering back into the mulch bed next to the garage and today it actually went up into the SIDING on the exterior of the house. We are totally grossed out and freaked out about this issue. In the 17 yrs in my old house we maybe saw a baby snake ONCE. In two months here, like 6 times. We need help!! The other sightings one snake was in the garage and trying to get INTO the drywall..NUTS. It was like a dark green color with some light green vertical line doing down. The other was a dark gray almost black very small one my Husband saw in the mulch bed in the backyard. Seeing as this home backs up to conservation (and I believe a creek too) I guess this is prime habitat for them. The beds and lawn are kept short and maintained, but there is mulch, which they seem to like. Also, this entire community is brand new and there is new construction going on ALL around me so I know they are being disturbed even more. Nonetheless, I can't change any of those facts but we really are not enjoying the home and property as much as we hoped as we are constantly on guard and truly scared when we go into the garage or even leave or enter our home as we are walking past the beds leading to our front porch. PLEASE take a look and the photos and consider all I shared with you and give us your very best advice. IF we require your professional assistance, please provide us with a quote for that as well. I don't know how you'd be able to remove the snakes when we can't seem to keep them in one place and they just come and go as they please. But I'm sure you can suggest something.